Wrapping It Up At WPC

Wrapping It Up At WPC

It’s been a long, good week in Los Angeles. We have talked a lot about hosted ERP systems. We have talked to people from all over; a lot from South America, Central America, and Eastern Europe.

Even though Microsoft has been talking about the “cloud” for many years, many people still don’t quite understand what it all means. So we spend a lot of time on education.

Many experienced IT service providers fear a loss of business because of the move to the cloud. I think they will definitely have to change the way they approach their markets, but there is no reason their business should necessarily be impaired. 

Having been on the front lines for the past 24 months, I can tell you with no equivocation, that users want to move to the cloud for these two reasons:

  • Reduce hassles of maintaining hardware and software
  • Avoid large, upfront investments, in exchange for predictable monthly payments

It’s more than a fad. People are looking to the cloud to host their IT applications; more and more everyday.

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