30 years of Windows : 1980’s Windows to new Edge browser Demo

30 years of Windows : 1980’s Windows to new Edge browser Demo

Windows Anniversary: Looking back 30 years, what’s new, and the Edge of tomorrow.

The official version of Windows 1.0 was released November 20, 1985 and the product has since been a semi-ubiquitous OS for workstations everywhere.  Windows has come a long way since the days when Duran Duran and The Cure were regularly making the top 40 pop charts.  Watch the demo video below to see what the latest version of Windows can do with a new MS web browser called Edge. After the video, check out some old Windows 1.0 screenshots and a retrospective on the product in this post at VentureBeat.com.

“The main selling point of Windows was that it promised an alternative to MS-DOS commands (though it was still MS-DOS based) — it offered a more natural, user-friendly interface that let you point and click with a mouse,” said Paul Sawers, Venture Beat writer.  “The first incarnation of Windows also had some notable programs built in — Paint, Notepad (I still use this), Calculator (and this), a host of other useful tools such as a clock, and a game called Reversi.”

Of course Microsoft Windows wasn’t the only thing making a splash in the headlines in 1985.  It was an exciting year for technology and for the world at large, even if you exclude the fact that Back to the Future and Rocky IV were in theaters

Other notable moments of 1985:

  1. The first .Com domain name (Symbolics.com) was registered by the Symbolics Corporation.
  2. Compact Discs were introduced to American Consumers
  3. The space shuttle Atlantis was launched
  4. Michael Jordan was Rookie of the year

And 30 years later, 2015 has been a big year for Microsoft and the Dynamics Community.  Here are some of the big Dynamics announcements made in 2015:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 release date and new features were announced »
  2. Support ended for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 »
  3. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 updates and new features were released »
  4. Microsoft Dynamics AX7 release information was announced »
  5. Windows 10 was released »
  6. Microsoft introduced the new Edge web browser »

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted as Microsoft and Dynamics continue to evolve.

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