Why use CRM for Public Sector in U.S., Canada and Beyond

Why use CRM for Public Sector in U.S., Canada and Beyond

use CRM for Public Sector Blog ImageBy its name customer relationship management (CRM) does not immediately sound like a tool for governments and public organizations.  But with insightful data, workflow automation, connections to social media and case management, it is not only possible to use CRM for public sector organizations and agencies, it’s highly recommended.

Whether we are talking about municipal water and power, public grant and permitting administration or social services, applying sales and marketing tools that come with a solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help public sector employees and managers deliver improved services while saving time and money.

The video below shows how an integrated CRM solution can help public sector offices:

  • Increase worker productivity
  • Create value for citizens
  • Mange costs by delivering citizen services
  • Citizen case management
  • Grant management
  • Constituent management, licensing permitting and code enforcement

RoseASP delivers CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud for public organizations and agencies as well as government contractors.  With a focus on security, encryption, confidentiality and compliance, RoseASP can help governments achieve greater efficiency in delivering services.

You can learn more about how to use CRM for public sector, contact us to have a chat with one of our CRM experts today.

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