Why SMB’s should consider ERP Cloud

Why SMB’s should consider ERP Cloud

When a small or mid-sized business is considering an ERP implementation it is usually a good sign for the company.  It means the business is growing and it’s time to facilitate that growth with the efficiency of new software.  Softwarethinktank.com has a list of four great reasons why SMB’s should consider an ERP cloud solution when they reach this milestone.

First, the company can focus more on running their business and less on managing technology. With ERP cloud, SMB owners can manage their technology without having to worry about integration and deployment, time-to-value and cost of ownership.

Secondly, SaaS ERP allows organizations to react more quickly to critical business issues, such as adding users during seasonal peaks.

A third benefit of cloud ERP is that it can help eliminate capital outlay by altering their financial model in a positive way that requires little up-front investment.  They can now forecast for the short and long term and ultimately benefit from the innovation that cloud technology brings as the next generation of computing.

Last but not least, hosted ERP will improve an organization’s technology infrastructure. While traditional on-premise systems can help develop best practices, on-the-cloud systems enable owners to secure their data in a controlled environment and give them flexible scalability options with 24/7 data access.

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