Why cloud computing should be on the executive radar

Why cloud computing should be on the executive radar

As the cloud is becoming a household concept consumers are driving its increased popularity in their personal lives, and the mobility trend has also bolstered the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement in the workplace.  Cloud computing solutions such as hosted ERP are becoming more and more vital for enterprises to stay competitive, yet it would seem that many business executives are not making this a priority.

Millenialceo.com offered seven reasons in a recent blog why executives should be more active in the IT decision making process.

Price, robust security, and scalability of cloud solutions all make the list.  These are things that should be on the radar of all top-level decision makers.  And ERP cloud solutions have high levels of customization that can be applied to even the most unique business scenarios, so the organizational change involved is minimized.

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