When the thrill is gone, the cloud just makes sense

When the thrill is gone, the cloud just makes sense

In the first few years of its introduction to the world, the excitement and buzz over the cloud was boiling over.  Then came skepticism.  Now we are approaching a phase where it has become a matter course for growing business to adopt solutions like ERP cloud.

A blog posted at inforworld.com explains how we got to this point, and how cloud computing continues to move toward becoming the standard rather than the new technology.

For one thing, as crude as it may sound, developers immediately saw the potential to make a bunch of money in cloud computing and naturally migrated there.  This migration resulted in a situation where most of the great innovation in computing technology is in the cloud sector.

This led to the second phenomenon—all that innovation translates to a competitive edge for the business who adopts hosted ERP and other cloud solutions.    Now we are in a period where old fears of risk in the cloud have been replaced by the risk of obsolescence by not adopting at least some cloud technology.

It’s debatable whether or not cloud is the current standard for doing business,  but it won’t be long before we forget that debate even existed.

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