What’s in GP Optimizer?

What’s in GP Optimizer?

What’s in GP Opmtimizer?

“The GP Optimizer is a digital magazine comprised of articles provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partners. Each article focuses on making your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP more worthwhile by addressing issues that you may be experiencing and providing ways to remedy them.” –Mark Rockwell, Rockton Software.

In addition to articles GP optimizer includes a word-search and other games.  Here are some of the subjects included in optimizer:

  • How Microsoft GP Users Created Efficiencies for Their Organizations with Automation
  • Investment Assets for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • The Possibilities are Grand with Omni Price!
  • Streamlining Inbound Shipments with Container Management
  • Understanding the State of Your Profitability Union with Time Tracking
  • Easier Cash Receipts in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Automate the Sales Order Transfer Process with SOP Auto Invoice Table of Contents GP OPTIMIZER 3 What to Consider Before Taking Off Into The Cloud
  • Planning the Way to Your Project’s Success
  • Sell Smarter, Faster, and Easier. Make Dynamics Sell For You.
  • From Paper to Paperless: Document Management for Controllers

2016 Summer Edition of the GP Optimizer Magazine!

GP Optimizer features a  variety of articles on Microsoft Dynamics GP and GP Add-on products, providing stories, trends and advice.

Want more info about the Dynamics GP product?

The GP Optimizer Magazine is published by Rockton Software, with principal offices in Lafayette, CO. If you wish to receive this publication, please go to www.rocktonsoftware.com and click on the GP Optimizer Subscribe button. The information provided in this publication of GP Optimizer Magazine is maintained by Rockton Software. It is intended as a general guide of information and products available for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The publisher makes no warranty or guarantee whatsoever of the effectiveness, or other characteristic of any methods or products described herein. Neither does the publisher assume any liability for information published in any Web site or other advertisements towhich reference may be made herein.

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