What to do about aging ERP

What to do about aging ERP

aging ERPWhat goes up must come down and nothing lasts forever: Words of wisdom that are doubly true when it comes to information and technology circles.  Even if your legacy or on-premise ERP systems implemented ten years ago have been reliable and continue to be so, there will come a time soon that your aging technology will become obsolete, aging ERP.

An article at erpcloudnews.com explains that without cutting edge technology, it is difficult for a business to keep its competitive edge.  Accounting software that worked great yesterday, may still be working great today.  But is it keeping up with new software that competitors are using?

Ultimately the question comes down to not if, but when will the business need a tech upgrade.  Sticking with an aging system makes it hard to take advantage of new ways of working that ERP cloud can offer, such as better integration of value chains and mobile accessibility.   

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