What to Consider When Moving Your ERP System to the Cloud

What to Consider When Moving Your ERP System to the Cloud

Have you heard about the “cloud” yet? If you hang out with people from Microsoft Business Solutions, that’s about all you’ve heard for the past two years. Cloud, cloud, cloud. Got it.

We’ve been hosting Dynamics ERP systems in the cloud since 2000. It wasn’t even fashionable back then. But our customers wanted it, so we did it.

So you can imagine that in 12 years we’ve picked up a lot of knowledge and experience. We recently contributed to a white paper that focuses on the things to consider, from a CFO’s standpoint, when moving your ERP system to the cloud.

The white paper is titled, “35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About ERP Software in the Cloud.” It includes informative graphs and cost comparisons, and covers topics such as these:

  • Cloud Definitions
  • Potential Benefits of Cloud ERP
  • Common Concerns of Cloud ERP
  • Compliance Considerations for Cloud ERP
  • Licensing Questions for Cloud ERP

You can download it by requesting it here. A link to the white paper will be immediately sent to you.

It’s clearly written and easy to understand. If you’re considering moving your ERP system to the cloud, you will want to take a look at the white paper.

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