Five Customer Demands for Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Services

Five Customer Demands for Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Services

This year we chatted with a lot of customers and partners during the Microsoft Dynamics 2015 Conference season.  In discussing cloud with customers we saw some common concerns and requirements that customers share when it comes to hosted Dynamics cloud services and Partners. We included the top five of those requirements below.
dynamics cloud services customer demands

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What do customers expect from Dynamics Cloud Services?

1. Direct contact with the Cloud Provider

First and foremost, customers want a direct line of communication with the cloud provider. Acting and advising in the role of a cloud provider when you are not one does not go over well.

While privately labeling the service as your own may offer some benefit, when Partners have no control over the data center or the SLA and no explanations of downtimes it will create friction with your customer and harm your credibility with them.  Customers want to have a direct relationship with their CSP because that is who truly manages the servers, provides the SLA’s and monitors the applications and services.  Customers say NO to the “pretend” cloud.

2. Included upgrades and service packs

Make sure that all upgrades and services packs for Dynamics (not just the OS and SQL patching) are included in the monthly cloud fees so there are no surprises when it comes time to upgrade Dynamics.

Nothing enrages a customer more than finding out their SaaS solution doesn’t include any sort of patching or maintenance at the application level.  Falsely advertising SaaS is never a good idea.  Customers have come to expect that all cloud offerings will include all updates at no charge.

3. Partners and service providers with a common strategy

Customers want all parties on the same page as to versions, service pack updates, timing, etc. Customers don’t want to see finger-pointing between Dynamics VAR’s and Service Providers when expectations aren’t met for one reason or another.  This is one of the top reasons customers change providers for both VARs and Cloud Providers.  It’s important to present a unified front with the common goal of customer satisfaction.

4. A cloud licensing expert

Customers need someone who can explain all the licensing variables – when and what type of licenses are needed in the cloud, and they want an expert who can assist with a cost benefit analysis of perpetual vs. subscription licensing.

If Dynamics Partners don’t have an established expertise and deep understanding of cloud licensing, then they shouldn’t give advice.  This is important because there are so many options and combinations. Understanding all aspects of cloud licensing and determining the best and most cost-effective solution for the customer requires analysis.

5. A cloud provider that will actually answer the phone

As stated earlier in the post, customers want a direct relationship with a human provider.  With some cloud service providers it is difficult just to get someone on the phone, let alone receive a response to a support requests (not an auto response) in less than one hour. Does anything more need to be said here?

We hope this list of what Microsoft Dynamics Customers want from Dynamics Cloud Services has helped you gain some insight into the requirements for customer satisfaction in the cloud.

The Dynamics conference season may be over for this year but with Convergence just a few months away, the Dynamics 2016 conference season will be here before we know it.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Directions 2015 was our last of five Microsoft conferences since July. If we didn’t get chance to see you, be sure and catch up with at one of the 2016 conferences.

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