Using ERP Cloud to Improve Customer Service

Using ERP Cloud to Improve Customer Service

If you are considering an ERP implementation, most experts will tell you start by assessing the company needs and then identifying what you hope to get out of the software.  It doesn’t matter if it is on-premise or ERP cloud, enterprise resource planning should be approached as a tool to give you the competitive advantage.  One of the ways to get that advantage is using ERP cloud to improve customer service.

A recent article at panorama-consulting covers the subject.  One of the things that they recommend is using your ERP software solution to optimize your existing competitive differentiators.

Delivering superior customer service is probably the single most important thing a business can do to gain an advantage over their competitors.  For that reason improving customer service is one of the most popular reasons for implanting enterprise software.

So deploying a hosted ERP solution that is easily integrated with hosted CRM software is a no brainer.  Customer relationship management software combined with ERP ensures will streamline your processes from the beginning of the supply all the way to delivery, by making processes more efficient, faster and more reliable.  This is how you use ERP cloud to improve customer service.

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