Upgrading Dynamics GP Made Simple

Upgrading Dynamics GP Made Simple

Businesses with aging ERP systems experience performance issues and miss out on important maintenance, new modules and integrated 3rd platform technology including cloud, mobility and social.  But many businesses put off the upgrade because it is an expensive and rigorous process that interrupts normal financial and IT processes.


Upgrading Dynamics GP from Microsoft is no exception and as the technology environment continues to rapidly evolve, upgrading any ERP systems is growing increasingly complex.  It seems like Microsoft’s release schedule is gaining speed with every release, making it tricky to keep up with the latest updates and upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

With a hosted Microsoft Dynamics solution, your provider will manage and maintain your systems so you never have to deal with the technical side of upgrading Dynamics GP, AX, NAV or SL.

“The cloud vendor simplifies the mechanics of the upgrade,” said a recent article at ThoughtsOntheCloud.com on the subject. “A month before the upgrade, the cloud vendor provides you with release notes and an upgraded test copy of your application. Your job is to test and determine what new features you want to use.”

As more businesses migrate their systems to some kind of cloud infrastructure, businesses that neglect a cloud strategy will see their systems very quickly slip several versions older than their competitors with same software in the cloud.

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, about six months after the previous version, Dynamics GP 2015.  Those on-premise users who upgraded to GP 2015 this year are likely a release behind already.

Whether you are on GP 2015 or several versions back, you can quickly upgrade to the latest version while minimizing disruption to the business by migrating your existing system to a hosting environment.  You keep your existing GP data and once the system is brought up to date and your people have tested the solution, the hosting provider more-or-less flips a switch and your system is up-to-date and live.

From then on the hosting provider and your Dynamics Partner maintain the system  as part of your monthly subscription so your IT team doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting on GP upgrades anymore.

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VIDEO: Compliance in Cloud with Glen Medwid

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