Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics Licenses to the Cloud

Cloud Hosting with RoseASP

With more than 20 years of experience implementing Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions, RoseASP has worked with hundreds of Dynamics customers to migrate their existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP system to the cloud with the latest versions of their software.


Our three-step on-boarding process to the cloud mobilizes your workforce by delivering access from anywhere, while maintaining your current database in a highly-secure and compliant hosting environment. RoseASP works closely with your Dynamics partner to provide unparalleled levels of service before, during, and after your cloud upgrade.

3-Step Cloud Upgrade Process

RoseASP’s proven 3-step method to bring Microsoft Dynamics ERP to the cloud allows you to upgrade your Dynamics licenses and gain agility with unrivaled speed and service. No matter how complex your existing Dynamics financial system, we’ll use our expertise to make your transition seamless.

Step 1:
Determine current and future requirements

Identify the upgrade path and what ISV solutions you are currently using

Check that the right mix of modules are being used and if additional functionality is needed

Identify the types of users needed (Full vs Limited, vs Self-service)

Determine your company’s regulatory requirements (SOX, HIPAA, FDA, etc.)

Choose a hosting environment (cloud, multi-tenant hosting or dedicated hosting)

Identify your disaster recovery requirements and propose a plan that meets your needs

Provide a pricing quote that best matches your needs today with flexibility for growth

Validate all your requirements in a comprehensive contract

RoseASP works with your partner to help determine the right mix of modules and ISV or add-on solutions that might be needed.

Step 2:
Work with your Dynamics Partner to Schedule timing for TEST & LIVE dates

Validate timing of both Test and Live migrations

Obtain copies of your existing database and load it onto our servers for testing

Simple migrations can be performed over a weekend or week-night with no downtime to the customer

Two-step migrations will require additional planning and assistance from the Dynamics partner to assist in data conversion, data validation and training

Turn system over to your partner for configuration and setup of new modules or functionality

Test and validate the installation of all products with your Dynamics Partner

Two-step migrations require extra time and planning to perform. During a two-step migration, you will be able to continue to use your existing system during the testing phase. Scheduling for a two-step migration is done at your convenience, typically with little or no downtime to you or your customers.

Step 3:
Connecting your users & finalizing monitoring of services

Connect your users to our cloud and validate all applications

Finalize all application integrations such as Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and connect to all external applications

Set up monitoring for all servers and services

Invoke backup plans and test restore-plan dates

Once you’ve completed these three steps, our team at RoseASP will be ready to support you 24/7/365 for any connectivity, backup, restore, password reset or other application readiness issues. We work closely with all Dynamics partners to ensure that your application support needs are met and any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

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