Up-time benefits of ERP hosting

Up-time benefits of ERP hosting


If your business is like just about every other modern enterprise in the world, it takes place and exists mostly in computers.  So it is no surprise that technology and computer performance is a key priority for most businesses.  And in the ongoing comparison of ERP cloud verses on-premise systems, the up-time vs. downtime debate is a key issue.

A recent article at SearchCloudComputing  looks at some of the statistics behind this question, “to cloud or not to cloud,” and finds that enterprise data centers actually experience more downtime than cloud based systems.

The analysis in the article puts in house data centers at anywhere from 85 to 98.5 percent, while the good cloud providers offer 98.5 to 99.5 percent uptime.  Now it may seem silly quibble over a one percent difference, but consider the total yearly downtime.  There are about 8765.81 hours in a year.  One percent of that is about 87.7 hours.  That is a difference of two full working weeks per year.

The article also reports that out of 500 IT pros surveyed around the globe 84 percent said they experienced downtime and rollback problems with their in-house data centers.  These numbers at very least, are enough to make enterprise decision maker consider cloud ERP.  And up-time is just one of the benifits of ERP hosting.

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