Transition into cloud: 5 preporations for becoming a Cloud Solution Curator

Transition into cloud: 5 preporations for becoming a Cloud Solution Curator

In the world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) the introduction of cloud computing has been totally disruptive.  We are past the stage of fear and denial about its viability, but there is still some trepidation about the transition into cloud delivery among ERP vendors.  Without the big ticket consulting fees and margins decline when you offer cloud hosted accounting software.

Even with these challenges the cloud still represents a major opportunity for cloud profitability.  Microsoft Dynamics recently released its cloud profitability guide to partners, and the outlook is optimistic.

“There is no question about it – traditional revenue is declining in the face of Cloud demand. The real issue becomes how to replace it, and indeed grow revenue by taking advantage of new Cloud-enabled product and services offerings.” – Microsoft Dynamics Partner Cloud Profitability Guide.

Though jumping in with both feet is not necessarily the best way to pursue cloud computing.  Companies will need to take steps to ensure a smooth transition into cloud.  Below are five steps Microsoft recommends to prepare for the transition into cloud.

  1. Identify your historical market focus, and how you might logically expand it.
  2. Identify and source or build the additional products you will need to offer both to retain your existing customer base, as well as to expand your market focus as appropriate.
  3. Build or assemble the other elements needed to become a Cloud Solution Curator, such as IP, consulting services, managed services, and data-enabled services.
  4. Put in place the additional marketing and sales infrastructure needed to quickly gain the market share required to provide an adequate return on capital, as well as truly manage customers over an extended lifecycle.
  5. Form and execute an effective plan to transition into cloud.
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