Top Questions about Cloud at GPUG Summit 2015 Cloud Questions

Top Questions about Cloud at GPUG Summit 2015 Cloud Questions

Summit 2015 in Reno was last week and we had a great time at GPUG Summit, learning and seeing new and familiar faces.  We had a chance to chat with a lot of GP users who are curious about what goes into a Dynamics GP hosting cloud deployment.  So we put together this list of GPUG Summit 2015 cloud questions.

Top Dynamics GP Summit 2015 Cloud Questions Summit Con.You may be interested in New Features in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Release »

Top GPUG Summit 2015 Cloud Questions

How can performance be assured across variable bandwidth?

At RoseASP we use Citrix for Hosted Dynamics deployments.  Citrix allows data to be sent across the internet in much smaller packets than a normal web application. This allows for extremely high levels of performance even when web bandwidth is constricted.

Can you manage a HIPAA database?

When it comes to HIPAA compliance the rules are strict around confidentiality and information.  In addition to the highest levels of encryption, confidentiality and user-level access restrictions, a cloud solution must be able to deliver alerts, rules and workflow automation to avoid costly violations. RoseASP’s customers are also supported by our compliance officer who provides oversight and guidance to staff regarding risk.  Each member of our tech team is also certified for HIPAA compliance so they are able assist auditors and access the database while maintaining compliance.

Do you provide SQL admin access?

It is critical for companies to be able to access their database.  At RoseASP, customer service and Dynamics Partners are at the core of our business.  We deliver secure SQL Server access for customers and their Dynamics ERP partners.

Do you work with other applications that are local or remote?

Today business of all sizes tend to leverage a broad portfolio of applications to drive their business.  We are able to connect to external applications hosted either on-premise or in another cloud environment using a variety of modes.  These modes include web servers and VPN both of which provide a secure connection back to the ERP data hosted in our datacenters.

What 3rd party-applications can be integrated in the cloud?

In order to get the most out of your hosted Dynamics accounting system, tight integration to applications like Excel, Word and other industry specific applications is critical.  RoseASP integrates Dynamics Cloud solutions with CRM and all Office or O365 applications.  We also work closely with dozens of 3rd party applications including the top ISV products for Dynamics. Applications include advanced distribution, eCommerce, Tax Automation, paperless and more.

Can I use existing GP licenses?

Many customers who own their own licenses (perpetual licenses) will migrate these to the cloud with a Cloud Service Provider like RoseASP.  Moving existing licenses to the cloud reduces the monthly hosting or cloud services fee because the ERP licenses have already been supplied.  For existing GP customers, RoseASP will still provide SQL licenses along with Citrix, Windows and Office licenses required to run Dynamics ERP.

How do you handle upgrades?

Staying current on the latest version of any accounting solution is more important than ever, even as Microsoft releases new version of Dynamics GP more frequently.  RoseASP includes upgrades in its subscription pricing and recommends that customers upgrade to the current version to get the latest functionality and capabilities.  If you are a current on-premises Dynamics customer you can read how the cloud upgrade process works on the 3 Steps to the Cloud page.

What does it cost for additional users?

For Microsoft Dynamics GP Hosting, customers can add additional full-users starting at $195 per month.  Limited Users can be added starting at $50 per month.  Prices can vary depending on your exact business requirements.  You can easily get a quick quote based your specific GP configuration requirements to get a better idea about pricing.  Go to the Dynamics GP Hosting Quote page ».

If you didn’t get a chance to see us at GP Summit this year, hopefully this post has helped answer some of the questions you may have had about hosted Great Plains accounting software.

GPUG Summit is a premier learning and networking event held annually for Dynamics GP customers, Partners and Microsoft Employees.  GPUG is the official Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group.

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