Top 3 cloud adoption drivers—not including cost savings

Top 3 cloud adoption drivers—not including cost savings

The upfront cost-savings of business solutions like ERP cloud have been talked about at length.  That along with long-term savings associated with reduced maintenance and IT payroll costs are no doubt driving cloud adoption rates, but there is more to the story than that. recently published some CIO survey results conducted by Dimensional Research that might reveal some of the other reasons for the high adoption rates of cloud solutions.  CIOs report a wide range of reasons for adopting cloud.

1. Better for business

  • 53 precent of CIOs surveyed said they adopt cloud because it was a better value.
  • 51 percent said they adopted the cloud because it gave them a competitive edge.

2. Employees like using cloud applications.

  • 79 percent of those surveyed say that experience with cloud applications is beneficial
  • 95 percent of CIOs say that IT employees want to gain expertise with cloud applications
  • 83 percent of CIOs say they have no problem finding technical help for cloud applications


3.Outdated on-premise software is common.

  • 61 percent of survey respondents say that critical applications have not been updated recently
  • 14 percent say that they have business-critical software that has not been updated in over four years
  • 28 percent of CIOs who have requirements for that business-critical software say they lack confidence in their ability to meet compliance requirements.
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