Three myths about cloud computing busted

Three myths about cloud computing busted

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To say there is an abundance of cloud computing discussion in the blogosphere would be a massive understatement.  Like any good game of Telephone the discourse of cloud computing has generated a lot of myths. recently posted the top three myths about cloud computing on their blog, and they did a good job of busting them.  When considering an ERP cloud solution it’s important to separate myth from fact.

Easily the most proliferated misconception about cloud computing, “compromised security” is generally the number one deterrent for moving data into the cloud.  The truth is, in most cases security is better on the cloud where you find dedicated providers permanently and constantly focused on security.  Compare that to homegrown or on-premise system where this level of focus is generally impossible.

The second concern seems to be that 100 percent of data will not be accessible 100 percent of the time because it is in someone else’s hands.  But the flexibility of the cloud actually offers more up-time than antiquated on-premise systems in most cases.

Thirdly, it is a common belief that performance is an issue when outsourcing to hosted ERP and other cloud services.  Again, with the cloud you are getting the new era of computing with a higher level of performance and lower level of redundancies in your business processes. 

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