Three good reasons for cloud based human resource management

Three good reasons for cloud based human resource management

Lifetime Dynamics AX Case Study

There is a lot of talk about how cloud computing and self-service technologies have changed the role of IT professionals in the work place.  But the truth is that hosted business management software and other recent technology solutions have changed the way all departments work.  In general technology advancements move people away from transactional tasks, redundant tasks and so-on and allows them to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.  Cloud based human resource management software in particular has allowed HR departments to become more streamlined and more productive.

Here are three ways a hosted business management software solution can revolutionize the job of the HR manager:


With the applications being hosted today you can streamline the process of recruiting and preserving talent with supportive technology that helps maximize your team’s potential with training and development programs.


HR managers can improve their organization insight and maintain their hierarchies and still maintain flexibility to adapt and make changes as the business needs them.  With a hosted human resource management solution, HR professionals will be able to view line organizational charts for function and reporting relationships and manage matrix and project-based assignments.


With modern solutions it is easier than ever to store and access employee information from a single dashboard with personalized role centers that give you the information you need to do your unique job for improve productivity.  And because the solutions is hosted in a cloud environment, it delivers anytime anywhere access to the employee portal.

However, the extent to which an IT solution can change the way HR managers do their job depends greatly on how user friendly the solution is, said a recent article from the Society for Human Resource Management.  That’s probably why the Microsoft Dynamics family of ERP has become so popular.  Take Microsoft Dynamics AX for example.  It looks and works like the Microsoft software we all know and love like Outlook and Excel.  More importantly, it works with and integrates seamlessly to those products we all know and use daily.

Take a look at the case study above to see how Lifetime, a plastics manufacturer, benefited from Dynamics AX.

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