Third Platform Solution for Your Business

Third Platform Solution for Your Business

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 it is now possible to get an end-to-end Third Platform solution for your business.

Third Platform generally refers to the major advances in technology of the past decade including, cloud computing, mobile computing, social media and big data analytics.

Microsoft is keenly aware of the rise of these technologies and the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is equipped to support them.

Because Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is completely accessible through a web-browser it can be accessed from almost any device including Mac and iOS.  And when you combine the enterprise resource planning power of Microsoft Dynamics GP with other apps like Office 365, Skype and Twitter, you get a complete third platform solution.

GP is designed to improve communication and collaboration by leveraging social technology and support the latest trends including a demand for improved security and compliance.

While Dynamics GP 2015 comes equipped with sophisticated user access controls and traceability, it does not offer a complete security and compliance package.  Not to mention a cloud solution is only as a strong as the organization that is hosting it.

That is why public cloud is not necessarily the best way to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.  For many organizations (especially highly regulated industries and publicly traded companies) the only viable option is going with an ERP hosting partner who is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of security and support for regulatory compliance.

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