The long and short of ERP cloud

The long and short of ERP cloud

Enterprise resource planning and now ERP cloud have revolutionized the way modern business is carried out.  Improving communication between departments with ERP has streamlined data interpretation, delegation, invoicing and many more business processes.

This paints a great picture, but nothing is perfect.  A recent article at looks at a few of the shortcomings of ERP cloud solutions, and weighs them against the benefits.

While the article admits it is impossible to eliminate 100 percent of the security risk when storing data online.  And dependence on internet connectivity makes it hard to do cloud business in developing countries that lack the infrastructure to keep you connected.  However, the same can be said for on-premise and legacy systems to an even greater degree in most cases.

The communication reliability and capability of hosted ERP are among the greatest assets available with the cloud.  These ultra-connected offerings are invaluable to a business and put the balance sheet strongly in favor of cloud business solutions.  Cloud solutions also offer some of the most robust security available.

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