The human side of ERP implementation

The human side of ERP implementation

Implementing an ERP solution is always going to be quite an undertaking for a company, whether hosted ERP or on-premise.  Most of the pressure from such a project usually comes down on the shoulders of the CIO, and often that pressure is about much more than the technical side of the ERP implementation.

A recent article on talks about how the role of a CIO should shift during the implementation process and it gives some advice to CIO’s on how to make it all go smoothly.

The key point in an ERP implementation is the human side.  Keeping this in mind, CIO’s should think about shifting their focus from IT strategy to business strategy and leadership, and focus on their role as part of the C-level decision making team.

One of the best ways to do this is to continually emphasize the importance of new technology as a business strategy especially with an ERP cloud solution.  It is also important to help all employees view IT in terms of making all of their jobs easier.  Successfully doing this will put the company in a good position to receive all the benefits from its new system.

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