Taking Dynamics SL 2015 for a Spin in the Cloud

Taking Dynamics SL 2015 for a Spin in the Cloud

If you are currently running an older version of Microsoft Dynamics SL or you are powering your business with basic accounting software, you should see what you can do with the latest version of Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015.  You can head over to goERPcloud.com and start a free Dynamics SL 2015 demo. The demo let’s you take Dynamic SL 2015 for a spin and there is truly no commitment or credit card necessary.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 is a highly scalable and flexible solution, and the latest version of the powerful ERP software.

With free trials at goERPcloud you can see some of the powerful features inside Dynamics SL 2015 first-hand and run through real-world accounting scenarios.  If you are a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, don’t let your SL clients go unaware of an opportunity to see what they are missing by staying with their legacy version.

“We are looking forward to working with our current partners as well as meeting with new partners to help deliver Microsoft Dynamics SL trial solutions,” said Jeffrey DeMaria, goERPcloud Product Manager in a recent press release.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is ideally suited for professional service organizations and other project oriented businesses. Project management functionality inside SL 2015 includes automated alerts to help keep you informed of pending deadlines, required approvals, escalating costs, and eroding margins, making it easy to intervene so projects and profits stay on track.

Contract management, resource management, flexible billings and project allocator tools allow you to keep all the moving parts of any project working together. SL simplifies budgeting, time and expense processing, and cash flow management.

The Dynamics SL 2015 enhanced reporting features streamline the reporting process with improved cloud access. With the creation of refresh-able Excel and pivot tables available from your web browser, Dynamics SL makes cloud based accounting secure and accurate.  Plus SL 2015 comes with unlimited reporting formats, which is new for the software.

RoseASP adds to the Dynamics SL cloud capabilities by delivering SL via Microsoft Dynamics ERP hosting. With unparalleled service, reliability, security and support for regulatory compliance, RoseASP specializes in SOX, HIPAA (HITECH), and FDA compliance.

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