SQL Views with Dynamics GP

SQL Views with Dynamics GP

SQL Views with Dynamics GP allows you to use SQL views you either create on your own or discover on the Internet, to report on information within your Dynamics GP system.

There are several sources of SQL scripts on the Internet, whose authors freely make available SQL queries that you can run on your own system. These SQL scripts create SQL views that you can use for your own reporting needs. If you need to tweak them, you can.

The general process is:

  • Download the SQL script
  • Backup your databases
  • Run the scripts in SQL Server Management Studio
  • The view is created by the script
  • You can use the view easily in SmartList Builder or other reporting tools

One of the best source for SQL scripts and general knowledge of Dynamics GP tables is Victoria Yudin’s blog: http://victoriayudin.com/

Here’s a quick video that shows the basic process involved:

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