SQL Views for SmartLists

SQL Views for SmartLists



SQL views can be used to expand the value of your SmartLists reporting tool in Dynamics GP. Take advantage of the work provided by the generous people within the Dynamics Community.

One of the values of Dynamics GP is that there are a lot of people who freely provide SQL scripts that will create new SQL views within your databases. These views can then be used with SmartList Builder to give you more reporting flexibility.

These are the basic steps:

  1. Find a SQL script that will create a view with the information you’ re looking for.
  2. Copy it into SQL Server Management Studio and execute the script.
  3. The script will create a view.
  4. Use SmartList Builder to create a new SmartList that uses the new SQL view as a source.

Victoria Yudin is probable the most generous in this regard. Check out her site here: http://victoriayudin.com/

Here is a quick video that shows this process:

Check out our Cloud Resource Library for more information about reporting.

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