Smell the roses : Flower shops and specialty retail business software

Smell the roses : Flower shops and specialty retail business software

Keeping track of inventory during busy seasons is especially important when you sell a perishable product.  With the right specialty retail business software, shops should not only be able to track and manage inventory and supply chain, they should have access to analytics dash boards with superior business intelligence so they can better predict and react to demand fluctuations.

Technology should support customer service and client nurturing.  Specialty retailers need software that lets them keep transaction details for cross-selling opportunities, easily collect customer information at POS, market to the highest margin segments and handle staff discounts, repeat sales, and new customers.

Pleasing customers is all important, but if a business is not making its margins, than their technology solution is not doing its job.  Specialty retail business software that allows for advanced, centralized price management as well as delivering core accounting functionality will keep shops running at their full potential.

Lastly, any growing business will need a solution that is scalable and adaptable to support growth now and in the future.  For small businesses keeping overhead low is critical, so the lean and cost effective cloud model is often the best choice.  Settling for anything less than a cloud-ready solution is a mistake.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialty retail business software is ideal for specialty retailers.  It is cloud ready and delivers all of the functionality they need.  And with integration to industry leading CRM and 3rd party products, retailers can get advanced functionality like customer resource management, document imaging and paperless accounting.

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