Software to Globalize Operations

Software to Globalize Operations

One of the unique characteristics of the digital age for businesses is the ability to rapidly grow and reach a global market. With eCommerce, cloud computing and social media, even the smallest organizations can reach across borders with ease and gain exposure for their brands on a global scale. But rapid growth can also sink a company if they don’t have the infrastructure to support it. Of critical importance is agile, scalable software to globalize operations and connect departments and locations on a single solution to unify the entire organization.

Sitka Surfboard Corporation is a manufacturing company that started as a small surfboard shaping operation in the garage of company president Andrew Paine. Now they have retail, distribution and manufacturing operations in Canada, the United States and Brazil, with eCommerce customers all over the globe.

They use Microsoft Dynamics NAV cloud software to globalize operations.

“Anything and everything that Sitka is doing is being tracked through Microsoft,” said Kyle Treleaven, head of IT (IT Ninja), Sitka.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the backbone of their organization they are able to seamlessly coordinate inventory, supply chain, manufacturing and retail operations in the cloud.

“The new system that we’re using has brought all of our shops and basically all of our stock in line,” Joel Hibbar Retail Manager, Sitka.

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