Software Piracy More Dangerous than You Might Think

Software Piracy More Dangerous than You Might Think



Software piracy causes much more than a mere moral dilemma. Counterfeit and pirated software can certainly cause computer processing and user experience problems. But further danger lies in the fact that some software counterfeiters are inserting code to assist them in identity theft. Yikes!

IDC recently completed a study about how people obtain and use counterfeit software and the problems encountered. These are some of the findings of the study:

  • Respondents told us that 64% of the people they know have used counterfeit software and have experienced security problems with it.
  •  48% of respondents noted that their greatest concern with using counterfeit software was data loss.
  • 29% of respondents were most concerned with identity theft.

From the Microsoft News Center:

“Embedding counterfeit software with dangerous malware is a new method for criminals to prey on computer users who are unaware of the potential danger.

The IDC white paper also explored the surprising level of end-user software installations made on corporate computers, exposing another method for the introduction of unsecure software into the workplace ecosystem. Although 38 percent of IT managers acknowledge that it happens, 57 percent of workers admit they install personal software onto employer-owned computers. What is alarming is that respondents told IDC that only 30 percent of the software they installed on their work computers was problem-free. Sixty-five percent of IT managers agree that user-installed software increases an organization’s security risks. For many in the enterprise, user-installed software may be a blind spot in ensuring a secure network.”

The entire IDC report is available here.

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