SmartList Builder with 2 Tables

SmartList Builder with 2 Tables



SmartList Builder is a great way to expand your use and benefits of SmartLists in Dynamics GP. you can easily create your own SmartLists based on tables and views in your SQL database.

The standard SmartLists that are included with Dynamics GP provide a real easy way to access data and use it for reporting and further analysis. But there are some areas where the standard SmartLists are lacking. For example, if you use GP Manufacturing, you will find the standard SmartLists of almost no use at all.

Using SmartList Builder to create a new SmartList from one table is pretty easy. Frankly the most difficult part is identifying the specific table you want. Using two or more tables adds complexity.

These are the areas that usually cause problems:

  • Identifying the correct key fields to link the tables together. You can easily set up a table join that yields too much data or too little data.
  • Using the correct type of join to make sure you get all the records you want.

These types of decisions may require some trial and error or some consulting to figure it out.

But once you have the tables properly joined, the rest of the process is the same as using SmartList Builder using just one table.

This video will give you some idea of how to do it:

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