SaaS Business Management – Treat yourself to ERP this holiday season!

SaaS Business Management – Treat yourself to ERP this holiday season!

Give yourself the gift of SaaS business management this holiday season and simplify your daily life. 


Whether you are moving from basic accounting software, legacy on-premises systems or an outdated cloud ERP package like NetSuite, Software as a Service (SaaS) like Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud is the perfect gift to give to yourself and to your team this year.

If you find yourself banging your head against the wall too often because your IT systems are not performing the way you need them too, you should know that business management software doesn’t have to be a source of aggravation.  And when a system doesn’t run smoothly, business performance suffers.

On the other hand, when you make your software systems a happy place, you and your team will be inspired to do more. Combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM in the cloud with O365 and social media, and you get a complete businesses management solution that is reliable and a consistent pleasure to use.  With simple to learn functionality and an intuitive Microsoft interface that you and your people are already familiar with, your team will be whistling while they work with Dynamics SaaS business management.

“We require mature project management reporting, indirect rate development and maintenance, and daily project profitability analysis—none of which NetSuite could provide,” says Larry Mercado, Chief Operating Officer of Mercom Corporation, after switching his company from NetSuite to Microsoft Dynamics ERP. “For us to get the functionality and reports, our project managers, program managers, and executives were spending an inordinate amount of time maintaining spreadsheets. When your ERP or accounting software can’t provide your actual profit or an EAC [estimate at completion] schedule for projects, then you have no choice but to look for a new solution.”

Mercado’s new ERP system turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving, with greater insight into projects for better planning and budgeting.  Plus the streamlined reporting functionality inside Microsoft Dynamics and connections to Microsoft Dynamics Excel and other office products make daily operations run more seamlessly.

RoseASP delivers all Microsoft Dynamics ERP products in a SaaS environment with unparalleled security and expertise to support compliance needs for customers and partners including SOX, HIPAA, FDA regulations and other requirements faced by heavily regulated industries and publicly traded companies.

Treat yourself to a SaaS business management solution today!

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