After successfully completing training for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the RoseASP team continues to be uniquely equipped to serve the compliance needs of businesses in healthcare industries.

San Diego, Calif. (December 23, 2014) Every member of the RoseASP hosting services technical team has completed HIPAA coursework in security and privacy to better deliver compliance and accounting software services to health industry and bio-medical organizations, announced RoseASP, Tuesday.  RoseASP is a provider of cloud-based business management solutions for businesses ranging in size from small to large companies, with a special emphasis on heavily regulated and publicly-traded businesses.

The training course, which focuses on HIPAA’s privacy and security rules, prepared the hipaaComplianceRoseASP team to explain HIPAA rules, understand security and privacy safeguards listed under HIPAA and identify and report violations or threats.  The RoseASP hosting team’s expertise in knowing where responsibilities lie for its customers and partners, and understanding the importance of compliance by customers to avoid enforcement actions and penalties for HIPAA violations ensures that customers can rely on RoseASP to provide a HIPAA compliant hosting solution.

“Many industries today are seeing dramatic increases in new regulations and being able to provide support and guidance for complying with those regulations is a major benefit to our customers and partners,” said Glen Medwid, Chief Compliance Officer of RoseASP.  “No other Microsoft Dynamics hosting provider can offer the same level of support and services to organizations that face strict regulatory guidelines.  HIPAA compliance is another resource in our knowledge base to better serve existing and new customers as well as our partners, and we stand by the continued training of our team to remain on the leading edge of security and compliance in the cloud.”

HIPAA is a broad sweeping federal act that was signed into law in 1996 to protect the privacy and security of individually identifiable health information, prevent fraud and abuse within the entire healthcare system, and it includes many rules that affect the entire healthcare industry, from insurers to physicians and bio-medical researchers.  The complexity of HIPAA rules creates a bottleneck of compliance and audit requirements for businesses within the healthcare system and aligning your company with a cloud solution provider that understands these regulations is key.

In addition to its HIPAA compliant staff, RoseASP also operates through a comprehensive internal Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) policy library to ensure regulatory compliance and audit trail documentation for customers. RoseASP data centers deploy the highest level backup and restore policies and security protocols, along with an extensive service level agreement.

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RoseASP provides hosted Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM applications, specializing in heavily regulated industries and publicly-traded companies. Since 2000, RoseASP has hosted systems for small business, large enterprise and a growing number of Microsoft Partners around the world. With a highly skilled and experienced team of experts in hosting financial and accounting systems and related modules, RoseASP takes pride in customer service and providing The Human Touch in a Digital World.

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