RoseASP’s Response to Quickbooks On-line Outage

RoseASP’s Response to Quickbooks On-line Outage

As you may have seen in the press, Quickbooks On-Line and many of the Quickbook products have been down since Tuesday, June 15 at 7:00 p.m. PST. We do wish them well in a speedy recovery, but wanted to take a moment and chat with our customers about the RoseASP infrastructure and recovery planning.
It would seem that Quickbooks must have had a single point of failure problem, as the service is completely down, and cannot bring one customer up, unless they all come up.

RoseASP infrastructure is made of several, recoverable, customer specific pieces. As a dedicated or shared user on our system, you are on your own instance of SQL server, own instance of Microsoft Dynamics, your own specific company connection, and your own instance of any third-party systems. Each one of these systems that you use to run your company has a redundant piece of equipment on-site and a redundant piece of equipment offsite for use in a disaster. Not only are the databases backed up nightly, weekly and monthly, so is your specific configurations of users and Dynamics.

By keeping your systems independent but part of a larger computing environment you have the advantage of very specific software installation with the ability to leverage a much larger redundant
infrastructure and support system.

Let’s give a couple examples. In the event someone has a corrupt database, this would affect only one company, not all companies. In this event, we would take down that one company’s database and system to try to repair the database. If we could not repair that specific database, we would go to a back-up of that database and restore that specific database. Again this would and could only affect one company at a time.

Another example would be hardware failure. If we lose a specific piece of hardware, they are in redundant pairs. The redundant pair would take over for the existing system and at worst case your users would lose the last couple of transactions they are working on. Specifically, in the case of Quickbooks on-line, apparently the outage was due to some redundant power features not working correctly. RoseASP has taken the added step of having its own redundant power outside of the redundant power for our Data Centers. Therefore, should there be a sudden loss in power with our Data Center, Rose servers will remain up and running for a period of time, which we believe will be sufficient enough for our Data Centers to recover.

Should the unfortunate event occur that an entire data center is lost due to a natural disaster we would restore our backups to a secondary data center where we have database servers, and terminal service servers up and running. This case would take several hours, but not days. And in this situation we would be coordinating with our customers to prioritize what systems need to come up first, second, etc. This allows us to be very specific about bringing up mission critical systems.

If you have specific questions about hosted ERP and the many safeguards RoseASP has in place to protect your business, we’re happy to answer them.

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