RoseASP Chooses a New SSAE 16 Compliant Data Center

We have been hosting our clients’ Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud systems in corporate data centers from the beginning. Since 2000 we have provided robust and secure solutions for our clients using data centers that provide redundant power and cooling, multiple Internet carriers, a high level of network security and physical security, and continuous systems monitoring.

Occasionally we find that a datacenter we’re using doesn’t provide our clients or us with the level of service we require. Changing datacenters is not easy at all. It takes a huge amount of analysis and planning. And once the day comes to start the move, the move has to be wrapped up in less than 24 hours. This is a lot of work. We don’t make the decision lightly.

But the security of our clients’ systems and their ability to access those systems when they want is our primary concern. Those are some of the issues and concerns we considered when making a recent datacenter change.

Besides the daily experience our customers have with their systems in our hosted environment, the SSAE 16 certification ensures clients that their systems are being well managed and secured. RedIT is one of our datacenter providers. They recently published a case study about our move. RoseASP Case Study.