Reshaping ERP in the new global cloud ready world

Reshaping ERP in the new global cloud ready world

Every once in a while in history we see an explosion of innovation and rapid economic and social change.  The Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and now the Digital Era.  The revolution of communications and computing that we have witnessed in the last 20 years or so has been remarkable. It’s driving change all over the globe as our reach expands thanks to information technology advances.  These forces that are reshaping the globe are also reshaping ERP.

Forrester recently released a whitepaper called Global, Industry, and Technology Forces Shape the ERP Landscape.  Here are some of the key takeaways:

Thinking outside the ERP box

Information technology professionals are seeing an increase in demand for more user friendly and accessible solutions that work and look like the consumer technology products people are already used to in their private lives.  Furthermore the underlying infrastructure for ERP is changing based on the demand for real-time access to data and business intelligence that delivers critical insights for better decision making.

Mobile and SaaS Reshaping ERP

More firms in the coming years will find themselves making hybrid investments in a mix of hosted accounting, SaaS ERP and solutions deployed on-site.  Gone are the days when the decision  was cut-and-dried between ERP or a suite of applications.  Now users are looking for solution providers who can be cloud solution curators to deliver a software package that truly fits their business needs.

Agility in a Dynamic new world

One lesson that everyone has taken away from the tech revolution of the last twenty years is that technology is an ever changing beast.  What works great today will be a relic in two years.  Users want  a solution that is adaptable to their changing needs.  They also want products that are backed by constant innovation, updates and improvements.

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