Reduce upfront costs of ERP – Eliminate cloud setup fees

Reduce upfront costs of ERP – Eliminate cloud setup fees

Whether you are already running your business on an enterprise resource planning solution or you are considering implementing a new ERP system for the first time, a cloud based ERP deployment can get you to the next level of growth with lower overhead in the long run and reduce upfront costs of ERP.


With cloud, the upfront cost of an ERP deployment is greatly reduced because the user not only saves on up front licensing fees, they save on server and other hardware expenses as well as the cost of employing an internal IT staff to deploy and maintain the system.

RoseASP is eliminating setup fees for Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud during the month of May to help you further reduce upfront costs of ERP.  Sign up with RoseASP by May, 31 2015 and pay no set up fees for Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud. Contact RoseASP to learn more.

Many businesses struggle with basic accounting software or aging ERP systems long after they should because the cost of traditional ERP deployments requires massive upfront capital expense and lasting disruption to the business.

Why Cloud?

Get up and running quickly, with minimal disruption to your business. Save on upfront costs and gain agility for leaner accounting and IT departments.  Moreover, your employees will be more efficient when you give them anytime, anywhere access to the system on the devices they prefer.  As a former Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner and consulting services provider, RoseASP is an expert with more than fifteen years’ experience implementing and maintaining cloud based Dynamics.  RoseASP understands the intricacies ERP implementation and the requirements for security and compliance in the cloud.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

Odds are you are already using Microsoft software to manage and run your business such as Microsoft Office.  With Microsoft Dynamics ERP you get a solution that integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products as well as CRM and social engagement applications.  What’s more, you can reduce the friction caused by implementing a new system by giving your employees a Microsoft solution that will be immediately familiar and simple to learn.

Contact RoseASP today to learn more about eliminating ERP setup fees in the cloud.

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner or consultant? Learn how you can leverage RoseASP’s cloud infrastructure without setup fees for your customers during the month of May.

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