Receivables Customer Class in Dynamics GP

Receivables Customer Class in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP includes the logical construct of class. Customers, vendors, and items can be organized into classes to facilitate data entry and reporting. Any customer can be assigned to a specific class and a class can have multiple customers in it.

These are the main benefits of using classes for customers:

  • For reporting you can select a specific customer class or range of customer classes to get the information you want
  • During data entry if you specify a specific class when your entering a new customer, the new customer will inherit all the values from the class as a default
  • If you need to make a change to all customer within a class, you can just make the change at the class level, and then have the new values roll down to all customers within the class
  • Logically organize your customers into meaningful groups

When you’re setting up a new Dynamics GP company you should have at least one customer class identified, and assign all customers to that class. This will make it easy to assign general ledger account numbers to customers. You can later assign a different customer class to any customer.

Here’s a quick video that shows this functionality:

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