Rebranding Microsoft Dynamics : New Dynamics Logos are Tiles

Rebranding Microsoft Dynamics : New Dynamics Logos are Tiles

This year at WPC 2015 it was mentioned that Microsoft will stop using the Dynamics sails or flags that have been the hallmark of the brand’s logo for years.  Partners have been instructed to stop using the sales as well.

Why the change?

As Microsoft Azure cloud gains more share of Microsoft resources, Microsoft is making good on its “One Microsoft” plan to become a one-stop cloud shop.  Removing anything from the Dynamics logo that distinguishes it from other Microsoft products is a good indication that they are trying to bring all products under the One Microsoft umbrella. Check out the new Dynamics logos.

The fast pace markets of the digital era demand that businesses reinvent themselves in ever shorter intervals, so it’s hard to say how long these little box tiles will stay around, but they do send a clear message that Dynamics is synonymous Microsoft.

One Microsoft is not just about branding.  Each new release of the Dynamics line of ERP is more mobile, more cloud ready and better able to integrate with other applications including Office and CRM. And this year will be a big one in terms of changes to the Dynamics brand as some major releases are due with Dynamics AX7 and Dynamics NAV 2016.

Learn more about the difference between the many Microsoft Dynamics products on the Dynamics Products page.

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