Reasons to replace aging ERP

Reasons to replace aging ERP

Nobody likes to get older.  Maybe that is why it is hard to accept when our business process systems need to be replaced.  Perhaps there is a parallel there.  But there are a lot of reasons people continue to use an aging system.   The simplest reason is that it still works or maybe the users aren’t aware of how much solutions have changed, or it just isn’t in the budget.  If any of these sound familiar, here are a couple of reasons to replace aging ERP solutions.

Still Working?

There are business who are using their aging ERP to its maximum efficiency and don’t see the need to change.  They are lucky.  But the maximum efficiency of yesterday’s ERP may not be as efficient as today’s.   For those who think they’re older systems are no longer performing, today’s solutions like ERP cloud offer speed, reliability, agility and other advanced, industry-specific operations that older on-premise systems can’t.


With cloud ERP the cost of deployment is significantly less than with traditional systems, and you save money in the long run by spending less money on energy now that there is no need for data centers.  Also they require practically no maintenance from the users so businesses save money on IT staff.

Switching systems is no small undertaking but when you finally do decide to dust off those old system shelves, you will find that there are plenty of great reasons to replace aging ERP.

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