R2R Dynamics Trial Demo Experience

R2R Dynamics Trial Demo Experience

If your organization has decided to adopt an accelerated sales process, you will likely want to be able to provide a Dynamics trial demo for your prospects.

Providing an effective trial experience for your clients requires a big effort. You have to set up an environment, make it easy for prospects to find and sign up, and then try to give prospects immediate access to the trial. So how do you do that?

There are two ready-to-go trial experiences you can offer to your prospects right now. They offer immediate sign up and access. Check out these options:

Dynamics AX, GP and NAV 30 Day trials: www.goERPcloud.com

Dynamics GP 30 Day Trials: www.myGPcloud.com

Half of the prospects I work with want to get their hands on the product. Most of the time they don’t really even want to do much with it. They just want to navigate around a little bit and run some reports. Being able to effectively add this option to your sales process will make it easy to meet your prospects requirements for a hands-on demo.

There is one strong recommendation you should take to heart. And that is to monitor your prospects’ trial use. On a regular basis you will want to check up on your prospects to make sure everything is going well.

At myGPcloud we attempt to make phone contact four times during the 30 Day Trial:

  1. Call to welcome them to the trial and check to see if they have any questions
  2. Call to check if they have logged in or had any troubles logging in
  3. Call to check on status of trial
  4. Call to check on how the trial experience was and if they would like to move ahead with myGPcloud.

Probably the key thing you can do during your prospects’ trial is to make sure they don’t become frustrated with the product or the experience.

You may want to check out introductory videos here:







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