Publishing Refreshable Excel Reports with Dynamics GP

Publishing Refreshable Excel Reports with Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP includes an easy way to get data out of your ERP system and make use of it instantly. Everyone who uses Dynamics GP is probably familiar with SmartLists. But there are far fewer people who are familiar with “Excel Reports for Dynamics GP” (We refer to it as refreshable Excel reports).

Refreshable Excel Reports is different than SmartLists in that when you run the reports, the data goes directly to Excel, and a refreshable data connection is created so that as new data is added or changed in Dynamics GP, the Excel reports using the connection will reflect the change.

This is a great tool for creating reports with special formatting like graphs and pivot tables that you want to use over and over again, and share with others.

So this is the trick: A lot of people don’t know they have this functionality because they haven’t deployed it yet.

This is a good tool as it is, but you can also easily publish your reports to SharePoint and Outlook. This video shows you how to do it:

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