Public Sector Cloud IT Implementation

Public Sector Cloud IT Implementation

public sector cloud IT implementation

Dynamics Cloud Case Study

Public sector IT implementations come with a unique set of challenges and are often marked by limited budgets when compared to private sector business ERP implementations.  For this reason, the agility of public sector cloud IT implementation and the cost effectiveness of hosted solutions make the cloud a perfect fit for government.

Like most industries, there are a lot of horror stories surrounding public sector ERP implementations, but implementation failure can be avoided with three simple steps listed at Panorama Consulting’s ERP blog.

  1. Define requirements fully and completely
  2. Dedicate specific resources, including project managers, for each job
  3. Identify areas where added help will be needed, such as in process improvements and organizational change management.

The reality is that many ERP projects in government go over budget and miss deadlines.  The same can be said for private sector projects, but with public sector cloud IT implementation these problems can be avoided.

For starters, cloud hosted ERP or CRM reduces the physical infrastructure requirements which is often a complicated and expensive part of the project.  Without on-premises servers, cloud solutions greatly reduce the cost and time requirements of ERP implementations.  Further, because of the monthly pricing structure of hosted solutions, the total cost of deploying a cloud ERP or CRM solution is much more predictable and therefore reduces the risk of going over budget.

With less physical requirements and fewer customizations, a solution like cloud based Microsoft Dynamics ERP can be up and running in a matter of days rather than months.  This will eliminate missed deadlines.

The Wyoming state government recently announced that it is discontinuing most of its server activity in favor of cloud based software solutions, according to an article at  This is likely to set stage for a coming trend of public sector cloud IT implementation.

“There is a definite trend among states toward shared services, consolidation and moving some operations to the cloud,” said Computer World.

Check out this video to see how Charlotte, North Carolina is using Cloud Dynamics.

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