Power sector compliance is a growing hurdle

Power sector compliance is a growing hurdle

New regulations recently announced will enforce new restrictions that require the U.S. power and energy industry to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030, according to Reuters.  As regulations continue to become more stringent, power sector compliance is becoming a higher priority.

Even clean energy companies like J+S, Ltd, which runs hydroelectric generators using tides on the sea floor, will face strict regulatory compliance hurdles. Check out the video case study to see how Microsoft Dynamics AX™ 2012 helps J+S manage projects.

“Because we are very small company we have resource planning issues.  We have managers who are scheduling people using Excel spreadsheets or white boards, or you know, back of envelopes or anything.  It didn’t allow us to be productive on the projects we had ongoing. So that was the real issue we were struggling with.  Microsoft Dynamics 2012 along with AXtension visual project planning allows to make sure our resources are in the right place.  You know, we’re more productive and therefore we can meet our customers’ needs more efficiently,” Laura Tipper, project manager and J+S, Ltd.

Microsoft Dynamics AX along with AXtension and their partner eBECS Ltd help J&S manage their resources more efficiently, enabling them to spend more time thinking about the great services they’re providing to their customers.

RoseASP offers hosted Dynamics AX solutions for energy companies and because RoseASP is committed to delivering services, products and support that ensure compliance for highly regulated industries and publicly traded companies, the hosting company is uniquely position to offered cloud based management software to the power and energy sector.

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