Power BI for Dynamics CRM demo at Convergence 2015

Power BI for Dynamics CRM demo at Convergence 2015

Learn about PowerBI and the New Dynamics GP 2016 HTML5 Web Client

Big Data is one of those buzz words that gets thrown around a lot, but when most managers and employees in a business need information, they need clear, actionable insights and they need them fast. Power BI from Microsoft is a business intelligence application that delivers analytical insights to help diagnose, solve and prevent problems and inefficiencies within a business.

The above video shows how Power BI works with Microsoft Dynamics to quickly react to data insights to deliver more powerful, agile customer relationship management, sales and marketing. See how you can easily get a snapshot of your businesses performance with Power BI and drill down into data in areas that need attention.

This video is a recording of a live demonstration from Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2015 that shows Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics CRM working concert.

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