Planning desktop virtualization: Setting clear goals and priorities

Planning desktop virtualization: Setting clear goals and priorities

planning desktop virtualizationDesktop virtualization has become popular for its ability to improve agility, efficiency, security and the user experience.  While it can be a straightforward process, desktop virtualization programs need thorough and clearly stated goals in order to stay on track.  If a virtualization runs into problems it is usually due to agenda-clash, with different people trying to take the project in two different directions.  Planning desktop virtualization well in advance is a critical step.

“Unlike many IT projects, desktop virtualization touches almost every department – including networks, desktops, storage, security, data center, support and beyond. It’s important to build a team that includes all of these – and to make sure everyone agrees on the goals,”

Citrix, The 7 Big, Bad Pitfalls of Desktop Virtualization Deployment.


Just about every decision you make as the project moves forward will be based on your goals.  That’s why planning desktop virtualization starts with prioritizing your goals.

These goals might include:

  • Increase security
  • Support virtual work styles
  • Increase business agility
  • Improve device independence
  • Bring your own device
  • Branch expansion

It is critical for top decision makers to take part in this prioritization process.  Each department lead will have different priorities, that’s why it is important for all parties to be included on the bigger picture vision for the project.  Starting with clear goals is a strong foundation on which to start planning desktop virtualization.

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