Payroll and HR Enhancements in Dynamics GP 2015

Payroll and HR Enhancements in Dynamics GP 2015

It’s only a matter of weeks before Microsoft releases the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics GP 2015. We are wall waiting for the release and the exciting new features and enhancements it promises. Payroll and HR enhancements in Dynamics GP 2015 for example will make processes easier than ever.

Here are a few of the Payroll and HR enhancements in Dynamics GP 2015.

Human Resource and Payroll Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List

HR enhancements in Dynamics GP 2015Dynamics GP 2015 offers improved access and self-service functionality to employees. HR and Payroll pending approval navigation lists In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 gives approvers a single destination to view and approve employee self-service changes. HR managers now have a single destination to view and manage all of their responsibilities including Payroll Timecards, Employee Profile, Employee Skills, Payroll W4, and Payroll Direct Deposit.

The HRP workflow pending approval navigation list gives HR managers the ability to approve and complete multiple tasks by checking the box and selecting the action to complete. The preview pane displays task details and there is a Go To option to view the assigned task.

Employee Self Service Paystubs

paystub (1)In Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 employees can now view or print their own paystubs. With employee self-service paystubs, the user can see their pay stubs and then can view the detail or print them to a printer. One of the great things about this feature is improved employee satisfaction by given them the keys to their personal financial information.

Navigation on the Employee Time Management home page part opens the Paystubs navigation list. The employee can select one or more paystub and print them all at the same time.

Employee W4 Maintenance

w4 (1)One of the most useful self-service features in GP 2015 is the employee W4 maintenance feature, which allows users to view and update their own W4 information.

With Employee W4, employees are able to view their current W4 records, view historical W4’s, make changes, and submit the changes to workflow. From the Employee Time Management home page, the user can choose update my W4.
In the Employee Withholding Certificate window the employee can manage their information. When the changes are submitted they will be routed automatically for management approval prior to updating the employee’s record.

Employee Direct Deposit Window

Direct-depositAnother option for Employee Self Service in Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 is Employee Direct Deposit. The employee direct deposit window allows users to view and edit information relating to payroll direct deposit information.
They can start or stop direct deposit, add or remove accounts and edit the direct deposit distribution. Then the direct deposit changes can be routed to the proper management personnel for verification before updating the employee’s data.

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