Niche retail business software

Niche retail business software

Retail is a tough industry to break into with so many big box stores already taking up so much market share.  For new mom and pop shops,  finding a niche is critical to success.  But finding niche retail business software can be tricky.  Check out this video to see how Batteries Plus Bulbs was able to create a successful business model selling light bulbs and batteries, and then support growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

“Microsfot Dynamics GP was the system we chose when we made the decision to centralize our warehouse and our distribution system to help us with warehousing and to fulfill the store orders, bill our customers and collect the funds,” said, Craig Cooper, CFO Batteries Plus Bulbs.  “It is the central technology to deliver our value to the stores.”

Founded in 1988 as a small business with single store to resell car batteries, Batteries Plus Bulbs is now one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing battery and light bulb retailers with more than 600 locations across the U.S.   It doesn’t sound like a store dedicated to such a small product niche would be viable, but they make it work.  And because Microsoft Dynamics GP is so adaptable and scalable it makes the perfect niche retail business software.

The Hartland, Wisconsin based company has relied on Microsoft Dynamics GP as the ERP “backbone” of its operations throughout this tremendous growth, and has expanded its use beyond financials, operations and inventory management to include empowering call center workers with real-time customer information. Batteries Plus Bulbs is also using the field service module in Microsoft Dynamics GP to help rapidly start a new line of business around device repair.

“Everything comes into and out of Dynamics GP. That’s the system that’s always keeping the most accurate account of what our operations are doing and how we’re doing them,” said Dan Dugan, director of application services, Batteries Plus Bulbs.”

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