New Microsoft CEO VIDEO: Nadella announced as new Microsoft CEO

New Microsoft CEO VIDEO: Nadella announced as new Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella was announced as the new Microsoft CEO, Tuesday, and the web chatter immediately turned to his comments on the cloud and the future of Microsoft in the cloud.  That’s no surprise considering Nadella, the driving force behind Azure, is deeply immersed in cloud computing.

Notice towards the end of the video, he all but says that the Cloud will be his top priority and the direction Microsoft is heading.

“Going forward it’s a mobile first, cloud first world,” Nadella said.

No surprise about the push for cloud, and the 46-year-old Microsoft veteran with 22 years in the company is probably the most fit for the job.

“The first thing I want to do and focus on is ruthlessly remove any obstacles that do not allow us to innovate… “…and then focus that innovation of things that Microsoft can uniquely do,”  he said.  “And lastly I want every one of us to find more meaning at work.”

In a software driven world of the cloud, one can only expect from Nadella’s not so subtle words, that Software as a Service and other cloud models are the future of software.

“When I think about the core of why I’m here, it is about impact,” Nadella said.  “And in a software powered world, what’s a better place than Microsoft, in terms of being able to take all of this human potential that we have… “…and apply it to a world that’s rapidly becoming more software driven?”


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