New Features Microsoft Dynamics AX7

New Features Microsoft Dynamics AX7

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The Microsoft Dynamics AX7 release is expected for later this year and a few more details have emerged about what we can expect along with a new video.  Hear what Microsoft Partners have to say about Microsoft Dynamics AX7 below.

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Microsoft will make AX7 available to customers in its Preview Program this quarter.  The preview may last between 3 and 6 months as the AX team continues to fine tune the new version.  The results of the preview will determine when Dynamics AX Rainier will be generally available.

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Dynamics AX is the most robust enterprise resource planning solution Microsoft offers and the upcoming release of the newest version is going by many names including Dynamics AX Rainier, AX 2015 or AX7 as Microsoft refers to it.  Whatever you want to call it, this release is already creating a lot of buzz.

The Dynamics AX7 release will initially only be available for Azure, while an on premise version is expected within six months of the first release. AX7 R2 is expected for an early 2016 release. You can learn more about hosting the current version of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the cloud on the Dynamics hosting licenses page.

“I think AX7 is the most exciting release that I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve been in the AX business for fifteen years,” said Peter Snaeland, a software architect with To Increase.  “The new user experience in AX 7 is awesome.  Simple as that.”

While few details have been made available, it is clear that this will be the most cloud-friendly, mobile-friendly version of AX yet for both customers and developers.

Microsoft is improving the AX interface with intuitive workspaces that allow never before seen visibility across an organization while performing tasks such as billing.  The sales order processing workspace for example allows user to view orders in their different states like Delayed or Not Delivered, and individual orders can be previewed without having to navigate to the sales order page.  Other metrics will be readily available in a sidebar for quick reference while performing critical tasks.

Check out Jason Gumpert’s post to learn more about AX7 workspaces and how they improve Power BI.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX7 release will be totally fit for the cloud with the new web client and a more web enabled interface and web browser sign-on.

“The browser based user-interface… being able to use that on any device, you’re not limited to a Windows PC sitting in your office,” said Kevin Casselman, Software development manager with SK Global Software, LLC.  “You can be at home and get data out when you need it.  AX7 in one word is empowering.”

The new HTML5-based browser interface is so flexible you will even be able to access AX 7 from an Xbox if you want.

Other architectural enhancements that began in AX 2012 R3 will continue after the Dynamics AX 7 release date to help developers, VARs and ISVs customize AX or extend its industry functionality in the cloud.

Because of the improved portability of the system and improved cloud functionality and architecture, AX7 is designed to be a simple upgrade process and much work has been done to make the upgrade process as seamless as possible.

For now, check out the Dynamics AX 7 video below, and stay tuned as there will be updates as Microsoft releases more info the closer we get to the Dynamics AX7 release date.

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