RoseASP New Customer On-boarding Process

Getting started with Dynamics in the cloud is really pretty easy. There are several steps that need to be completed and in total don’t take that much time. These are the basic steps:


Hosting quote – We can create a hosting quote based on your specific requirements. Requirements vary quite a bit and we want to make sure that we meet all of yours.


Hosting Agreement – The hosting agreement is between the end user organization and RoseASP. Our standard agreement is comprehensive, so plan to take some time to review it and understand what it all means.


Make down payment – The hosting quote will specify an upfront payment that needs to be made in order for us to set up your system. Once we’ve received your payment we will procure the necessary hardware and software, and complete the setup process.


The setup process generally consists of these items:

  • Procure database server and client servers
  • Install and configure server software
  • Install servers into RoseASP environment
  • Install databases
  • Install client software
  • Setup and test system backup policies
  • Add users and notify with login credentials


Send list of users – You will send us a list of users that you want to initially have in your system. We will need the following information: First nameLast nameEmail address. We will control this and all future user add, edit, and delete requests. Download the form from our login portal.


Documentation of modules required, system setup defaults – We will confirm with you and your Dynamics partner, if applicable, the various Dynamics software and ISV (3rd Party) software you want in your system. We will acquire application licensing if specified in the Hosting Quote.


Install application software – We will install all application software and acquire application licensing if specified in the Hosting Quote.


If it’s a new system:

  • Procure user licensing


If it’s an existing system:

  • Confirm compatibility with current RoseASP versions or upgrade to a current version
  • Restore to RoseASP environment


Users receive login information – We will email all users with their new login credentials. Your system will be ready to login to and begin using. We will require users to change their passwords every 90 days.