More to hosted CRM software than cold sales

More to hosted CRM software than cold sales

When you hear the phrase CRM, what do you think of?  Do you picture a massive call center filled by a team of telephone sales people?  Well that is certainly one way to make use of a customer relationship management solutions, and it is certainly the way big enterprises use it.  But there is more to hosted CRM software than cold sales.

This is especially true for small businesses.  SMBs are in a unique position to maximize one of the key functions of customer relationship management—the relationship part.

As a small business you know that relationships you have with your customers and vendors is an important part of your making sales, and maintaining those relationships is most likely one of your top priorities.

With hosted CRM software you will be able to serve your customers even better than you already are.  Not only that you will be in a better position to cultivate new customers.  With CRM cloud you will can immediately start collecting information on new prospects and keep track of every conversation and transaction that your people have with them.  This helps you earn the confidence of your prospects earlier so you can close the initial sale and move into that comfortable relationship stage earlier.

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